6th Global Forum for combating Antisemitism and Holocaust denial



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During March 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the 6th Global Forum for Combating Antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Prof. Haim Saadoun, director of the Documentation Center on North-African Jews during WWII, chaired a panel about Antisemitism in Arabic Language Mass Media – New Tools and Strategies for the Advance of Inter-Semitic Understanding.

Despite the incredible contribution of Internet to modern life and the creation of connections and understanding between different people, the Internet has also empowered new forms and modalities of hate and prejudice. Many internet platforms today are being used in various ways by purveyors of Antisemitism and other forms of cyber hatred. This is also true of Arabic language mass media

The panel presented a general view of the existence of anti-Semitic trends in Arabic mass media; however, these trends are not as common as we might think. It appeared that these trends are usually based on unfamiliarity with the other: What is a Jew? What is their culture?  The important subject of the common history of Muslims and Jews is also largely unknown.

The panel raised many solutions as how to reach the Arab population and fight Antisemitism. Among these, we find the smart use of social media such as Facebook or YouTube to present a real image of Jewish culture and ways to fight holocaust denial.

Part of these solutions are already   being applied at the Documentation Center, especially through our Facebook posts which appear every week in four languages: Arabic, English, French and Hebrew

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