International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019

Ben Zvi Institute

Documentation Center of North African Jews during World War 2


Lectures on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Special screening of the movie "La Nuit des Dupes", produced by the director Dr. Rami Kimchi, who will also lecture on the subject.


Docu-drama about the role of the Jews in Operation TORCH a story of the resistance operating in Algeria.  In November of 1942, they helped the Allies land on the Algerian coast and changed the course of history in Northern Africa during World War II.


18h00 - 18h30: Nicole Cohen-Hadad, director of oral archives, president of the association Les Compagnons du 8 novembre 1942.

"The 8th of November – Underground well-known but shunned"


18h30 - 19h00: Prof. Haim Saadon, Open University and Ben-Zvi Institute

New sources on the Monier network in Tunisia and the role of Jews in resistance


19h00 - 19h30: Dr. Rami Kimhi, cultural critic, director, producer and researcher - Ariel University

The movie "La Nuit des Dupes" and aiming for a balanced national narrative of the Holocaust


19:30: Screening of the movie "Night of Fools"


The conference will take place at the Ben-Zvi Institute on Tuesday, January 29, 2019.

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