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Telegram (secret diplomatic cable; № 49 from May 10, 1935)




General Féraud, Johannes von Welczeck


“Deutsche diplomatisch-politische Korrespondenz” (journal); DNB (German News Agency), Algiers, French Morocco, Oran


Embassy in Madrid, German Foreign Office, Pan-Islamic movement

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Incoming cable from the German ambassador in Madrid Johannes von Welczeck to the Foreign Office about Spanish newspaper reports which, based on Algerian reports of a French general’s speech, claimed that Germany was supporting the pan-Islamic revolutionary movement in French, and possibly Spanish, Africa through propaganda and espionage. Welczeck assumes that these reports were directed against the admission of Germans to French Morocco and were meant to upset the Spanish public. He recommends a dementi which could be published by the DNB (German News Agency). An official of the Foreign Office added a handwritten note saying they followed this suggestion by publishing an article (attached, R71093-006) in a German diplomatic journal which was also being distributed in France and Spain.

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