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Telegram from Rahn to the German Foreign Ministry, explaining the political ambitions of the Bey in light of a planned visit by the Greatmufti; Tunis – 12/12/1942




ברלין, גרמניה, תוניס, תוניסיה


al-Husseini, Bourgiba, Italian General Consul, Moncef Bey, Rahn, Roosevelt


Arab militarization, Inner Organization (Germany), propaganda


Dienststelle Rahn, German foreign ministry, Italian General Consulate, The Bey of Tunis

שם ארכיון:

political archive of the foreign ministry

Folder Number:

Rahn_Dec42_pages 45-46


Language: German

Telegram from Rahn to the Foreign Ministry, explaining why he estimates a visit of the Greatmufti to Tunis as currently ineffective, by going into detail about the motives and background of the Bey, as a really compromise oriented party. He also proposes the possibility of an Arab uprising instigated through the Desturian Habib Bourgiba, which wouldn´t be favored by the presence of the Greatmufti.

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