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Riots in Ksour Essaf on 23th of March 1943, P108-110






SS-officer Von dem Hagen


German military

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Archive of the Foreign Office/State Deapartment

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The dispatch of the occurrences in Ksour Essaf on 23th of March 1943 by lieutenant Von dem Hagen. Tensions between the French police and the Arab population  escalated into riots, leaving 5 Arabs and1 police officer dead and several people wounded. One reason for the insurgencies can be found in the behaviour of the destourien, who was committing police brutality himself even tough SS-officer Rauf had forbidden him to do so. A Kaid was sent to Ksour Essaf to calm down the situation. The Italian troops were unwilling to prevent the bloodshed and did not intervene. In a secret arrangement, Italian authorities offered the Kaid the release of 3 Arab leaders. Their goal seems to be to win the sympathy of the Arab population, as they planned to take control over the protectorate. In reaction to this secret arrangement, Rauf wanted general Ksibi to travel to Tunis in order to speak to the Interior minister Matterie.

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