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Document from the German Foreign Ministry containing a Telegram from Rahn, reporting on Italian request to exclude Italian Jews from forced labour; Tunis – 12/9/1942




ביזרט, ברלין, גרמניה, וישי, תוניס, תוניסיה


Darlan, Giraud, Lafoud, Rahn, von Arnim


anti-Jewish legislation, Bizerte conflict, forced labour, German-French Relations, propaganda


Dienststelle Rahn, Doriot-Movement, General Residency German Foreign Ministry, Italian General Consulate, SOL


political archive of the foreign ministry

Case number:

Rahn_Dec42_pages 33-34


Language: German

Document from the Foreign Ministry, titled “Geheime Kommandosache” containing a telegram from Rahn, reporting on further german actions in Tunis. He requests the recall of supposed traitor Lafoud from the Residential Administration and relays the recommissioning of Bizerta with French youth organizations in charge of Senegalese and Moroccan soldiers. Also talks about the enforcement of forced labor on Jewish communities and mentions the demands of Italy to exclude Italian Jews. Finally, he mentions the German takeover of the “Tunis Journal” for propaganda purposes.

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