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Telegram from Rahn to the German Foreign Ministry, Ident. LATS 01113 from the 13/12/1942




איטליה, עיראק, תוניס, תוניסיה


Rudolf Rahn


German-French Relations, German-Italian Relations, German-Tunisian Relations


Destour, Dienststelle Rahn, French Residency, German foreign ministry, Italian administration in Tunisia

שם ארכיון:

political archive of the foreign ministry

Folder Number:

Rahn_Dec42_pages 47-50


Language: German

Telegram from Rahn to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin, detailing the unrest of the Italian Administration about Arab uprisings, which are exemplified by a nationalistic speech of an Iraqi in Tunis, and their demand to the Germans to keep those events at bay, although agreeing with pardoning Desturians for propaganda-purposes. He also talks about Italian displeasure with administrative restrictions, which Rahn justifies as reactions to unreasonable behavior of the military, which threatens relations with French and Arabs. Finally mentions wish of Italian commander to have interests at the french residency represented by Germany

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