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Telegram from Rahn to the German Foreign Ministry, Ident. KR Afrika 0772 from the 8/12/1942




ביזרט, מרסיי, צרפת, תוניס, תוניסיה


Achim von Arnim, General Nehring, Moellhausen, Rudolf Rahn


Bizerte-conflicht, German-French Relations, German-Tunisian Relations


Axis forces in Tunisia, Destour, Dienststelle Rahn, French military in Tunisia, German foreign ministry, Senegalese soldiers in Tunisia

שם ארכיון:

political archive of the foreign ministry

Folder Number:

Rahn_Dec42_pages 29-30


Language: German

Telegram from Rahn to the Foreign Ministry, informing them about the peaceful disarmament of Bizerte and demobilization of its troops (French and Senegalese), which aren´t estimated to be suitable for incorporation into Axis forces. Also mentions the replacement of General Nehring by von Arnim and requests Möllhausen to be informed about Bizerte. He once again asks about the information on the possible release of the Desturian leadership from Marseille in order to establish armed Arab forces in Tunisia.

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