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“Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten”, 12.05.1943, p_35-36




Erwin Rommel


German Newspaper Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten


In the files it is talked about Polish Jews being sent to Iran by Soviet forces, which is perceived as a threat, an attempt to “westernize” the Middle East and spread propaganda. The pages also contain an article on Rommel´s career and “achievements” in the ongoing war in North Africa. He received the highest award for his service in the Wehrmacht, but it was decided by both Hitler and Mussolini to transfer him to Germany due to his severe health condition which required immediate treatment. The article glorifies his time in North Africa and portrays him as a war-hero, especially for his resistance against the Anglo-Saxon Forces, even in moments of “strategic despair”. In addition, the files feature information on the latest events of the battles near Tunis, where Italian and German Forces kept fighting even though the situation occurred to be irredeemable. The battle of 10th of May in the mountains South-West of Tunis is described in particular, and the following mass-detentions of pro-German folks in Tunisia to detention camps.

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