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“Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten”, 07.05.1943, p_33-34




German Newspaper Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten


German Archives


The files contain news about the USA preparing for an invasion in Martinique, where they want to recreate “law and order” and about hostile attacks on the East Front which were told to be defeated successfully by the German army. In addition, a Swiss politician writes about the “Judenfrage” and legitimizes the existence of concentration camps by referring to Jews as a “biologically and culturally” different kind of human being. He also uses the Zionist movement in Palestine to support his argument, since they want a place of their own because of “undeniable differences”. It is also talked about Filipinos supporting the Japanese head of state Tojo and the award for the best businesses in the region of Elsaß.

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