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German correspondence on Anglo-Soviet propaganda strategies in South Africa and Scandinavia, 1st-26th january 1942, p_65-74






several German diplomats and officers


German Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Political Department of the Foreign Ministry (archive)

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An Egyptian newspaper reports that Great Britain plans to set up an army of “native fighters” on the whole African continent. The German ministry for propaganda wants to use this information in order to mobilize the white South African population and make them act up, since there could be the threat of loosing the white supremacy. The South African minister of finances stepped back from his position and left the United Party, which is interpreted as a sign of doom in the political landscape. It is also talked about the conference held on 24th of January, where Western states discussed the current situation in Palestine concerning Jewish migration and the need to create a safe space for the Jewish people. The US-American minister of Foreign Affairs Knox states that Palestine is considered a “key” to the Middle East and puts pressure on other states concerning the support of Jewish life in Palestine. German authorities plan to air propaganda in Arab states in which they create the threat of a Western predominance in the Middle East. The last pages contain German correspondences on developments in Argentina and the contemplation of cutting the diplomatic relationships with the Axis Powers.

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