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Rapport mensuel sur le mouvement antisémitque, Oran, 15 juin 1938






abbé Lambert, Jacques Doriot, Jean Charles Legrand, Jules Molle, Louis Boujard


antisémitisme, partis politiques


Action Nationale, Le Parti Social Français, Les Amitiés Latines, Parti Populaire Français (PPF)



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This report indicates that “Amitiés Latines” continues to be the only active anti-Semitic formation in Oran. It is still in the process of organization and continues its propaganda for the creation of sections, the development of hotlines and the recruitment of new members. The results obtained are not yet important, because the members of the French Popular Party and of the National Action, whose anti-Semitism is asserted, do not think of leaving these groups to join the “Latin Friends”.

In Monstaganem, the French Popular Party continues to take a clear stand against the Jews and demands their classification as foreigners. On the contrary, the French Social Party adopts a benevolent attitude.

In Tiaret, the national parties continue to advocate anti-Semitism and unite in the upcoming municipal elections against the Galibert list, sponsored by the Popular Front and the Israelites.

The means of propaganda used by Amitiés Latines consist of press articles, posters, meetings, installation of hotlines, balls, the boycott of Jewish businesses. The real objective is the constitution of an electoral bloc for the personal needs of the policy of the mayor of Oran.

In Relizane, Mascara, Sidi Bel-Abbès, many anti-Semitic words, and facts are listed. It was noted during a meeting of the “Action Nationale” and “Amitiés Jacques Bainville” groups that Mr. Paul Robin and Colonel Larpent demand the elimination of Jews from Government Affairs. Anti-Jewish papers are affixed on the bottles and decanters of a restaurant, on a cinema, on the walls of the city. The local newspaper “Le Républicain Sud Oranais” publishes an article entitled “Anti-Semitism in which Jews are asked to rid themselves of the fundamental characteristics of their race”.

All the important meetings of the French Popular Party, of the National Rally, etc., were largely devoted to the Jewish question and anti-Semitism. Only the Popular Front parties and to some extent the French Social Party escape this trend.

The creation of a Muslim section of “Amitiés Latines” will help spread anti-Semitism in indigenous circles.




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