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תעמולה אנטישמית – שכונה מעורבת ח’נשלה – מחוז קונסטנטין – אלג’יריה – 15




ח'נשלה, קונסטנטין





Case number:

AEP_B3_249_264 to AEP_B3_249_266


Report from the mobile police inspector to the Prefect of Constantine regarding anti-Semitic leaflets posted in the region on July 10-11, 1933 whom lead to a boycott campaign against Jewish stores.

The inspector explains the whole case.

The file deals with the case of anti-Semitic leaflets posted in the commune mixte of Khenchela calling for boycott of Jewish shops. The leaflets publication began after an incident between Jews and Muslims in the commune. An investigation was lead by the French administration on this anti-Semitic propaganda. The evidences showed that the leaflets event remained local and did not spread outside Khenchela neighborhood.

Commune mixte in French colonial period is a neighborhood managed by civil servants French, Arab (indigenous) and Jews.

The document can be consulted at the documentation center, Institut Ben-Zvi. Appointment requiered.

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