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“Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten”, 19.05.1943, p_49-50




German Newspaper

Nom du fonds d’archives:

German Archives


The files contain information about the state of the Tunisian population and its anger about British measures which try to pull the Bey of Tunis out of office. With the Anglo-Saxon forces taking over Tunisia, the anti-Jewish legislation disappears, just as signs like “Jews are not allowed to enter” have vanished from the streets. It is told that many places still don’t welcome Jewish customers though. A French-Jewish Newspaper has been published in Tunisia again. It is told that Gaullistic Forces (with the help of Jewish people, as it is portrayed) purge Tunisian folks who were loyal to the Axis Powers. The economic situation in Tunisia comes up as well, since it is told that US-American troops would “loot” the country. The British attack on a dam in the north of Germany is also tracked back to Jewish Forces.

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