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Telegram from Rahn to the German Foreign Ministry, Nr. 30 from the 30/12/1942




וישי, תוניס, תוניסיה


Devinat, Georges Guibauld, Greatmufti, Jean-Pierre Esteva, Rudolf Rahn


German-French Relations, German-Italian Relations


Dienststelle Rahn, French Residency, German foreign ministry, Italian military in Tunisia, Vichy goverment

Nom du fonds d’archives:

political archive of the foreign ministry

Folder Number:

Rahn _Dec42_page 119-122


Language: German

Telegram from Rahn to the Foreign Ministry addressing three points:

  1. He strongly opposes the deployment of a Vichy representative called Devinat to Tunis, stating that his colonial mindset might strengthen French claims against Arabs and Italians too much and that he´d be harder to control than General Esteva. Instead, he proposes Guilbaud to be given formal authority over the Residency for his minting by European ideologies leaves him less influenced by French nationalism and more suitable to build relations with the population. Therefore he requests to formally decline the deployment of Devinat at Vichy
  2. Firstly Rahn complains about the looting of the Italian army, but this section was later crossed out by hand and started anew afterward, concerning the deployment of Arab battalions discussed on pages 123-124. He emphasizes that the German forces can´t make any political promises to any group and voices preferation of a more strategic approach
  3. Requests word-by-word relay of a message from the Greatmufti from the 19.11.42.
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