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Political Situation in Algeria


בון, מרוקו, סטיף, קהיר, קונסטנטין, תוניס, תלמסאן


האגל צ'רלס, קובי אנדרה


אנטישמיות, חרם, פוגרום, תעמולה


הבונים החופשיים, הדפש תוניס (עיתון)


File number R 71,079 from the archives of the German Foreign Office:
Sources on the political situation in Algeria 1935-33
The file contains reports about the program in the city of Constantine and the riots against the Jews in the city of Setif.
Most of the reports are the Consulate: General internal political issues, suspicions of French Algeria from German propaganda,and incitement of indigenous children.
Estimations on the national awakening of the Algerian resistance, and means that France begins to take from an administrative standpoint.
Letter from 8/31/34 – report of the Jewish Consistoire ( council) about the pogrom in Constantine (The letter is from the embassy in Paris).
Letter 09/24/1934:
– French suspicions of German influences to the initiators of the pogrom of Constantine – fears of Nazi propaganda in Algeria.
– Concern among the Jews for the Nazi propaganda in Algeria suspect that the Germans are the initiators of the pogrom in Constantine, if not the performers.
– Left-wing Jewish writer accuses the French Nazi supporters transformation. The newspaper "Croix de feu" – contribute to Nazi propaganda.
A letter from the Office of the Minister for grassroots publicity and propaganda to the press attache in Cairo
(02/10/1934) – about striving for the German Propaganda Ministry's anti-Jewish Arab relations. Offer to write a  memorandum about the pogrom in Algeria and note the corresponding relations between Arabs and Jews in Egypt. Without mentioning any connection to Germany, they write the document in a brief and not as something that make the germans happy.
Letter 01/11/1935:
The allegations against the Germans. The German Consulate and restriction measures of German nationals in Morocco.
Political Overview of the German consulate in Algiers
Right-wing newspaper -Croix de FEU which goes against Jews and ' bonim hofshiim".
Letter (26.01.1935)
A report on the entry of Algerian security service to monitor on German propaganda.
Letter (15.02.1935)
Report ABOUT  the booklet of leftist Jewish writer named Andre Kobe about the pogrom in Constantin that tries to place blame on the French right-wing groups and the Nazis.
A letter from the Consulate General in Algiers (05/02/1935) on related events in Setif
On 1 February 1935.
The fear that apparently the Jews killed Arab-French gendarme at a place of entertainment , developed a pogrom against the Jews.
Third of the city of Setif – were Jews. The French feel loathing directed towards them.
The Native children  called in the  streets  "Heil Hitler", and calls Long live to the Arab leader in Constantine .
Letter 21/02/1935
There is a report by the German Embassy in Paris that the French Foreign Ministry's commissioner for North Africa (De Saint-quentin), raises the suspicions of the German propaganda activities in North Africa.
General Report of the German consul in Algiers
The conclusions from the report: France feels the national awakening of the population, the growing number of arab intellectuals hostile and pan-islam  tendencies among them.
France has taken administrative steps to tighten internal security.
Initiative for establishing internal defense force when there is no militia which rely on the native servants.
General Report of the German consul in Algiers,
The conclusions of the report – France felt the national awakening of the population, the growing number of Arab intellectuals and Pan-Islamism tendencies among them.
France takes administrational  steps to tighten internal security. Establishing internal defense force when we can not rely only on the militia which serve indigenous.
The Jews in the  report – “Jews feel threatened”. The reporter concerned Jewish exaggerations regarding the threats on the French government "may take the wind out of the sails anti-semitic French colonists."
There is also fear of  leftist Jews  publicists.11/30/1934.

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