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סכסוך בין יהודיה לילידה בקונסטנטין – 02.05.1913 – (3)







Folder Number:

012 / AEP_B3_248_011


Letter about an incident between two women, a Jewess and a native

‘ I have the honor to return the attached note to the Commissioner Central by informing him that as of 30 April I have opened a judicial inquiry against the name Ktorza Isaac, son-in-law of Ghenassia who told me been designated as having dealt a blow to a native woman.
If I did not mention this information in my report, it is that it was sent to you as soon as the facts occurred and before any investigation so that the administration is notified from the first minutes.
My file will be sent today to the Prosecutor of the Republic.
I must also let you know that this movement of effervescence lasted only a few moments and did not happen again.

I have the honor to transmit to Mr. Prefect the report of Mr. Treychet above. All recommendations were made to this official in view of the energetic and impartial repression of any new facts of disorder that could provoke Israeli or Muslim indigenous for this purpose additional units taken on the rest brigades of the three districts.
I will personally take care of the execution of the instructions of the prefect. ‘

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