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Video testimony by Yakov Dagan


מוכנין, סוס


אנטישמיות, בית כנסת


השומר הצעיר, כל ישראל חברים


His mother died in 1939 and his father in 1945 after working in German labor camps.
Different between Italians and non Italians Jews.
Jewish life in his family – Shabbat, his grandfather who was very rich and held a position at the community leadership.
Zionist activity, starting at 11 years old.

Studying at a French school
Relation to Arabs.
Anti-Semitism: anti-Jewish legislations, yellow star, leaving home and hiding in different places. Bitten by a German solder
End of the war and going back home.
Immigration to Israel     
Reflected thoughts about the holocaust
Yad Vashem – VT11890

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