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Video testimony by Sara Rubin


אלכסנדריה, בנגאזי


הפסקת אש, הפצצה, פליטים


הצבא הבריטי


Born in
Benghazi 1929. Her father died when she was very young so she and her mother moved to her mom's parents.  
Her grandfather spoiled her and she says he is the one who loved her the most.
When she was around six years old her mother told her that her father had died.
From the holydays she remembers that in Purim she used to dress up as an Arab. She also remembers that in Sabbath the Arab neighbors used to bring them hot coffee

During the war they went to live at a relative house because he had a basement that could be used as a boom shelter. One time an attack accrues when she was walking with her mother and they got separated.
After the Italians took back Benghazi she and her mother left the city and got to Alexandria. When the war was over they went back to Benghazi and after she got married moved to Israel.   
Yad Vashem VT118695

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