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Video testimony by Yvette Saadon


ספקס, תוניס


יגאל אלון


הפצצה, עלייה, פליטים


ה"הגנה", הסוכנות היהודית


Disk 1: Family Background, Holydays, Social Life, Childhood games. Talks a lot about her mother.Disk 2: Studying, the war and moving from the city.
Life  after the war: Aliyah, learning Hebrew and starting a family of her own, settling in Moshav Gilad, going back to
Tunis as part of a delegation with her husband.
Disk 3: Back to Israel in Kiryat Gat. work with new immigrants, establishment of local leadership. The life in Israel and her job. 
Yad Vashem- VT-9506

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