About The Center

In the narrative of World War II and in the narrative of Shoah in public discourse in Israel, the subject of the Jews of North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya) was lesser known. The fate of these communities were much better than that of European Jewry, but the plight of North African Jews should not be overlooked; the members of these communities suffered the loss of family members in labor camps and internment camps, deportation to concentration camps in Europe, the exploitation of children in forced labor, expropriation of property, houses destroyed by aerial bombardment, the humiliation of being forced to wear a yellow badge, and the constant uncertainty of what the future would bring.

The Documentation Center of North-African Jewry during WW2, which operates under the auspices of the Ben-Zvi Institute, was established in 2006 with the purpose of making information on this subject available, raising the public's consciousness and awareness of the travails of Jews in North Africa, developing curricula and training teachers to incorporate the subject in the educational system, and advancing academic research.