About the Documentation Center

About us: 

The documentation center was founded in 2006, our goal is to raise public awareness of the story of the Jewish Communities in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya during the Holocaust. 

The center is supported by the Claims Conference. 

Personnel du Centre de documentation



   Prof. Haim Saadoun, Institut Ben-Zvi



 Ms. Tamar Fuks - tamarf@ybz.org.il



  Mr. Ofer Barzilay - ofer@ybz.org.il

  Ms. Ilana Palix - Ilana@ybz.org.il

   Mr. Clement Hazan - Tamarf@ybz.org.il



Steering Committee


President: Prof. Eyal Ginio, Institut Ben-Zvi




Prof. Françoise Ouzan, Université de Tel Aviv

Dr. Yoel Martziano, Institut Ben –Zvi

Dr. Haim Gertner, Yad Vashem

Dr. Judith Loebenstein-Witztum, Institut Ben-Zvi

Dr. Yaacov Lozowick, Archives de l'état

Prof. Dan Michman, Yad Vashem

M. Adi Ofer, Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi

Prof. Haim Saadoun, Institut Ben-Zvi

Mr. Yaacov Yaniv, Yad Itzhak Ben-Zvi

Mr. Moshe Zaafrani, Ministère de l'Education