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“Strassburger Neueste Nachrichten”, 03.01.1943-27.06.1943, p_1-84, summary




Tunisia, לוב, מצרים, צפון אפריקה


antisemitism, North Africa, propaganda, WWII


German Newspaper


The pages taken from the German national-socialist propaganda newspaper “Straßburger Neueste Nachrichten” focus on the timespan of January 1943 to late June 1943. Various reporters and so-called journalists publish articles on the different battlefields of WWII and the current achievements of the Italian, Japanese and German army. The incidents are looked at through the lens of national-socialist narratives and the coverage never leaves room for questioning the decisions of military headquarters. The war in North Africa is portrayed as a series of victories, war correspondences report on US-American and British military equipment being destroyed but never the materials of the Axis Powers. The defeat of German and Italian troops during the second battle of El-Alamein is not mentioned at all, merely when the superiority of the Anglo-Saxo powers gets undeniable, the coverage briefly focusses on the withdrawal of the troops. However, this leaves room for anti-Jewish agitation, the Jewish population in countries of North Africa is portrayed as brutal and reckless. All of a sudden, the needs of Tunisian and Algerian people are worth mentioning, now that they are under US-American and British military rule. As power dynamics in North Africa shift, the decrease of trust in Vichy´s troops can be seen gradually, for example when parts of Vichy´s troops in Egypt defect to the enemy.

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