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Private Papers of H H Kassman – Airgraph from Kassman to Mother, July 24, 1941




טוברוק, לונדון


H. Henry Kassman


הצבא הבריטי


Imperial War Museum (IWM)

Folder Number:

Gunner HH Kassman 6-8.1941


Airgraph from Gunner H. Henry Kassman to his mother, from within a file of his correspondence between 1941-1943 compiled by his daughter in 2010. File’s contents are primarily typed letters and other correspondence, occasionally reproduced (often in addition to the typed version), and also include photographs, diary entries from Kenneth Rankin’s book Top-Hats in Tobruk, some other written materials, and some explanatory material. For further information, please see the folder summary. For all posts about this collection, please click on the “H. Henry Kassman” tag in this post.

Page 8: Airgraph to Kassman’s mother. Compiler’s note says the mother is now Mrs. Eibuschitz. Mail arrived; Kassman greatly envies his mother a trip to the Lake District. He and his brother Alec are “delighted” about her (very recent) remarriage and that she is so happy. Both had worried about her living alone in London, and “a great weight has been taken off our minds”. They would both like to hear more about her new husband; Kassman mentions a letter from the husband that has not yet arrived.

Discussion of current army life, which is “not altogether unpleasant” right now. Their camp is in the desert, but they are able to swim a lot. Mentions lack of books and wealth of conversation with interesting people. Kassman asks if she can renew his subscription to “World Books” (which send a monthly book) and names the price.


1/2 page, typed. Dated July 24, 1941.

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