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German correspondence on Anglo-Soviet propaganda strategies in South Africa and Scandinavia, 1st-26th january 1942, p_6-13




several German diplomats and officers


German Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Political Department of the Foreign Ministry (archive)

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The document inherits correspondences about proposals and new propaganda strategies concerning the Soviet threat and the situation in South Africa. It is planned to increase the amount of propaganda via radio, make Scandinavian countries feel threatened by the Soviets, maybe even construct the threat of the complete destruction of the Finnish people. In the meantime, Germany should be portrayed as a “protector” from the communist imperialism.

 The South African minister for railways Shurrock offers his support concerning the diminishment of social and economic problems after the war. There are plans to air propaganda which spreads the idea that South Africa would suffer from the economic collapse in case of an Anglo-Soviet (Bolshevist) regime in Europe. Since an increase of Bolshevist activities in South Africa was noticed, a delegation should be sent to the Soviet Union in order to estimate the severeness of the situation. Another topic that is discussed is the encounter of Eden and Stalin with the outcome that there will be no restriction to Soviet propaganda in the Empire. In addition, the white population of South Africa is considered to be in danger, since it is reached by US-American and Russian campaigns. It is also talked about Jewish-British goldmines, which is described as a “theft” from the economy. In the correspondence the diplomatic meeting in Moscow between the Soviet Union and Great Britain is mentioned as well. The Russian aims stay the same: the power over the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Bessarabia and Bukovina.

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