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German correspondence on Anglo-Soviet propaganda strategies in South Africa and Scandinavia, 1st-26th January 1942, p_14-30






several German diplomats and officers


German Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Political Department of the Foreign Ministry (archive)

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The article of an American journalist named Edgar A. Mowrer is discussed. He states the thesis that French antisemitism can be tracedback to two sources: firstly Hitler´s impact on French fascism and secondly the “belief that Jews wanted war during the late crisis”. German authorities consider using parts of the article for their anti-Jewish propaganda. Other topics that come up are the unrightful occupation of the islands St. Pierre and Miquelon, a Norwegian marine officer who wants to diminish the impact of the Swedish press by setting a counterpart, and the Finnish media in which an eventual Soviet occupation is considered inevitable if worse should be prevented. In addition, the amount of radio propaganda in South America is to be increased. The main argument is that North America represents the biggest threat for countries on the South American continent, since the US have already funded Bolshevist activities there.

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