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Allied Lists of Arabs Imprisoned in Vichy Tunisia


גפסא, נאבל, תוניס


Rahn Rudolf, רוזוולט ארצ'י


אזרח, אספקה, ארטילריה, מדינות הציר, מחנות, משטר וישי, משטרה, קאיד, שבוי מלחמה


צבא ארה"ב


Document come from the US Holocaust Memorial Archives, Reprinted by the US National Archives 745023
Documents dated between June and September 1943
The report describes the persons imprisoned and the kinds of offenses they were imprisoned for, most of which were arbitrary causes. Also in this file are letters from Arab Tunisians to the incoming American forces detailing the length and manner of their suffering. They implore the Americans to intervene on their behalf

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