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Isserman Report on the Jews of North Africa during WWII


טריפולי, תוניס


רוזוולט פרנקלין


אזרח, אנטישמיות, בית כנסת, בנות הברית, רב צבאי, רעב


הצלב האדום, צבא ארה"ב


Document located at the US Holocaust Memorial Archive 745023 on 2-29-08 
“Jews and Judaism in North Africa” report by Ferdinand Isserman
Isserman was an American Jewish rabbi serving as a doctor in the American Red Cross on a six month tour of service in North Africa. Although he was on a secular mission he conducted numerous religious services for the soldiers he encountered, especially when no army rabbi was available to do so. He records his memories and interactions with Jewish and non-Jewish servicemen very fondly. He also had many encounters with the Tunisian Jewish community and documented how he attempted to provide aid on their behalf. When the Allies arrived in Tunisia the community was near starvation and Isserman took it upon himself to find them food.

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