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Major David Ling: 44 Royal Tank Regiment in North Africa


המדבר המערבי, טוברוק, קהיר


רומל ארווין


ארטילריה, בנות הברית, מבצע לפיד, מלחמה


הצבא הבריטי


War Diary located at Imperial War Museum Archives, Dept of Documents, Lambeth Road, LondonMajor David Ling, MC, A Sqn, 44RTR, Western Desert. TANK Magazine, Jan. 80-Aug. 81In his war diary Major David Ling records in great detail his experiences tanking in the harsh North African conditions. Ling goes on to describe fierce battles and the carnage that surrounded him, while praising the valor of his brothers in arms. He also charts his specific tank movements during his tour of service

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