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M. Hauser War Journal: Experiences with the Jews of Libya


בנגאזי, קהיר, קירנאיקה


שרת משה




הארמייה השמינית (צבא בריטניה), הסוכנות היהודית


Journal located at Imperial War Museum, Dept of Documents, Lambeth Road, LondonM. Hauser was a Jewish volunteer soldier serving with British forces in the North African campaign. In his war journal he recounts his encounters with North African Jewish communities and sheds light onto the suffering of certain communities at the hands of the Axis occupation and war machine. In Cyrenacia for example, the pre-war Jewish community was a robust 4000 people, but by the time Hauser meets them their numbers have dwindled to 250Hauser also makes note of the Jewish schools that were established by soldiers serving with the Ally forces in North Africa – amongst the founders was a young Moshe Sharett. The schools taught Hebrew language to young children 

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