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Trade relations between Morocco and Germany




אבולקר רפאל


חרם, מסחר


משרד החוץ הגרמני, Auswärtiges Amt


File number 87 812 R from the archives of the German Foreign Ministry on trade relations between Morocco and Germany. 
Letter dated 27.12.1933 about the necessity of trade between Morocco and Germany. 
Report about to the confinement of the boycott (boikot) of the North African Jews.
 Letter dated 11.30.1933 with appreciation that there is little chance of success in business of German merchant in Morocco. Also report that most of the trade is in the hands of the Jews that support the French press which is hostile to the Germans. 
Letter dated 11.10.1933 with a report on the plan for the development of industry and commerce in France and its colonies in North Africa.

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