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Hitler refers to the Libyan occupation


טריפולי, מצרים, תוניס


היטלר אדולף


אספקה, המערכה בצפון אפריקה, מדינות הציר, מלחמת העולם השנייה


וורמאכט, צבא איטליה


Case No. 1177 (Item #: 7038281) division M.29..FR from German military archives in Freiburg dated 04.11.1940. Fuhrer (Hitler) expressed regarding the occupation of Libya: more time is needed to conquer Libya than previously thought. We can not rely on the Italians to begin their attack to Mersa-Matruh before the end of December 1940. 
– The Italians want  Tripoli as a basis for supply to their army. According to their statements, the Germans should use as  basis for the German army  Tunisia.
 – Hitler has little confidence in the Italians, they want to collaborate with the Germans "to save blood." 
– Loose control of Axis Mediterranean cruise routes makes it difficult yje movements  of the German forces.

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