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Telegram from Rahn to the German Foreign Ministry, Nr. 8 from the 17/12/1942




תוניס, תוניסיה


Admiral Derrien, Georges Guibauld, Rudolf Rahn


German-French Relations, German-Tunisian Relations, Inner Organisation (Germany)


Dienststelle Rahn, French military in Tunisia, German foreign ministry, German military in Tunisia, Tunisian Civilians


political archive of the foreign ministry

Case number:

Rahn _Dec42_page 68-70


Language: German

Telegram from Rahn to the Foreign Ministry, talking about the upcoming collapse of food supplies and public services in Tunis, due to the mass flight of the population, leading to heightened risks of hunger and diseases at the edges of the town, where German and French forces are unable to stop the refugees. Therefore relates decision to forcefully mobilize vital companies (e.g. for water, electricity and food) under the authority of Admiral Derrien for which Rahn requests him to receive the needed privileges and also proposes Guilbaud to be named “Zivilkommisar” to keep a grip on the administration.

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