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Telegram from Jean-Pierre Esteva to the Goverment of Vichy




Jean-Pierre Esteva, Moncef Bey, Petain, Swiss consul


French-Tunisian relations, Inner Organisation (France), Tunisian diplomacy


Allied forces in Tunisia, French Residency, Goverment of Vichy, Secours National, Tunisian Civilians


political archive of the foreign ministry

Case number:

Rahn _Dec42_page 60-61


Language: German

French Telegram from Residency-General Jean Pierre Esteva to the Government of Vichy, explaining the context of the telegram from Page 57. He emphasizes the destruction inflicted upon Tunis by Allied bombing and the deep sorrow of the Bey about the suffering of the population. Therefore, in his function as the foreign representative Estava wrote a Telegram to the Swiss Consul in order to request a stop to the targeting of civil areas by the Allies and assures that measures will be taken carefully according to the circumstances. Also asks for a telegram from Pétain himself, to express his solidarity with the victims of the war – both Tunisian and French – and proposes a donation for the “Secours National” to support the treatment of refugees.

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