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Rapport au sujet des activités des scouts israélites lors de Hanouka, Constantine, 23 décembre 1941






André Bacouche, Cadi Bensaci, Daniel Guedj, Hadj Said Moktar, Jais, Mostefa, Raymond Attali, Robert Munnich


agression, Indigènes-Colons, ravitaillement, Scouting



Folder Number:

b3 688 המשך IMG_0088-0089


This report provides several information:

1/ Plays are played at the synagogue telling the story of Hanukkah.

2/ During the last day, Robert Munnich had organized a small charity party.

3/ At the entrance to the synagogue, a young Muslim native was beaten by Israelite scouts. Muslim and Jewish notables prevented the incident from degenerating.

4/ Robert Munnich significantly develops the Israelite scout movement in Constantine. The Jewish scouts have good relations with the other federations of the movement. But the French Legion of Combatants is frankly hostile to them.

5/ Chief Rabbi Jais spoke in front of the large audience of the arrest of the co-religionists brought before the court-martial of Lyon. He specified that the consistory was taking steps. He also urged worshipers to refrain from turning to the black market for supplies. Considerable sums have been collected to help needy families.

6 / The funeral of Raymond Attali took place with the presence in the procession of Cadi Bensaci and Master Hadj Said Moktar, municipal councilor.



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