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Note de renseignement au sujet d’une conversation entre le Président du Consistoire Israélite et le Grand Rabbin, Constantine, 10 novembre 1941






Bakhouche, Chatel, Petain


numerus clausus



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b3 688 המשך IMG_0016-0017


This note concerns a conversation between Mr. Bakhouche, President of the Israelite Consistory of Constantine and the Chief Rabbi of Constantine. They bear witness to the willingness of the Jews to submit to the terms of their status and ask that certain facilities be granted to them. During this interview, several questions are raised, in particular, about education:

1/ There are fewer and fewer Jewish students in schools because of the numerus clausus. There will soon be no more Jewish students in the schools. In order not to leave all these students on the street, it is planned to create schools. Dismissed professors and teachers will be able to practice in these new schools. There is a need to find premises.

2/ Reflections on the professional orientation of Jews whose professions have been banned, on the possibility of buying a property to employ a certain number of young people, and the possibility for certain Jewish craftsmen to take on several apprentices (employ more than three apprentices leads to another more taxable tax category).

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