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Coupure de journal, Le Congrès de la LICA, Oran-Républicain, 27 novembre 1938




Tunisia, אוראן, צפון אפריקה, צרפת


Armand May, Assaoui, Bénés, Cohen Hadria, Edouard Herriot, Falck, Henri Tiano, Jean Goldenberg, Lazare Rochline, Lecache, Léon Blum, Léon Rudin, Marcazyna, Marcel Régis, Pasteur Niemoeller, Pierre Paraf, Pin, Roosevelt, Zisman


antisémitisme, Indigènes-Colons, projet Viollette


Ligue internationale contre l'antisémitisme (LICA)



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This newspaper clipping reports on the 9th Congress of the International League Against Antisemitism (LICA). During this Congress, several speakers take the floor. Marcel Régis, deputy of Algiers explains the situation of the natives of North Africa and assured that a firm motion will be tabled in favor of the vote of a law against racism. Then Mr. Philippe, deputy of the Rhône, gave an account of his recent trip to Tunisia and recommended measures to fight against anti-Semitism. Mr. Cohen Hadria describes the plight of Italian Jews in Tunisia. Léon Blum, former president of the Council speaks of the “dramatic Jewish question”, of the persecuted Israelites. He “concludes by wishing that great migrations are organized and proclaims the need for a land of asylum which will offer the Israelites a stable and safe place …”

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