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Minutes of a Meeting Involving British Foreign Office Minister A. D. Dodds-Parker and R. C. Blackham Regarding Jewish Emigration from Morocco and Libya and Libyan Anti-Semitism, October 23, 1956




לוב, מרוקו


A. S. Halford Esq., C. O. I. Ramsden Esq., Mr. A. L. Easterman, Mr. Dodds-Parker, R. C. Blackham


אנטישמיות, הגירה


משרד החוץ הבריטי


National UK Archives

Folder Number:

FO 371_118720_002-004


Handwritten minutes (two pages + duplicate of the second page) from an October 23, 1956 meeting with the British Foreign Office’s Minister A. D. Dodds-Parker, regarding the emigration of Jews from Morocco and Libya and protests against anti-Semitism in Libya. Copies were sent to the chanceries in Tripoli and Benghazi on October 30th. Mentioned: a meeting between Mr. Dodds-Parker and Mr. A. L. Easterman, Head of the Political Department of the World Jewish Congress, in March 1956 (see FO371_119779_005) and letters from Mr. A. S. Halford, Esq., Mr. C. O. I. Ramsden, Esq., and the Tripoli Chancery. Other persons involved in the meeting: R. C. Blackham.

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