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Envoi de missions en Afrique du Nord, note pour la Vice-Présidence du Conseil, Vichy 22/01/1942



Folder Number:

FFM_6GMII-93_0029-0030, 0016-0023



January 22, 1942 – This note, written by the Africa-Levant sub-office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, draws up the balance sheet of the number of missions to Morocco and Tunisia for the year 1941, seventy-five in total, « that is to say one every five days », with 101 representatives. A procedure is suggested in order to simplify the control procedures and that in the future « they in no way encroach on the powers and prerogatives of our General Residents ».

Handwritten table « Mission orders », recorded on 01/10/1942

January 10, 1942 – This table on eight handwritten pages, probably appended to the previous note, lists the names of people who have been assigned missions for various organizations or in various frameworks. For example « Communication », « Marine », « Finances », « Industrial production », « National education », « Interior (Veterans) », « Work », « National relief », « Supply », etc … To the mission « Jews » appears only one name : Xavier Vallat. The column to the right of each name mentions a date which seems to be the start date of the mission. Each name is assigned one to three mentions indicating in which territory(s) the mission applies : « A » (for Algeria), « M » (for Morocco), « T » (for Tunisia). It should be noted that they mainly concerned Morocco.

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