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Contrôle des entrées au Maroc ; dispositions diverses concernant les fonctionnaires, les soldats démobilisés, les correspondants de la Presse étrangère et de particuliers – Rabat, Tunis, Vichy – 19/04 au 31/10/1941.




משרד החוץ הצרפתי

Folder Number:

FFM_6GMII-92_00153-0155, 0157-0163, 0171-0181, 0187-0216


April 19 to October 31, 1941 – Exchange of telegrams and letters between the Administration in Rabat and Tunis and that in Vichy concerning entry or exit, and the circulation in Morocco, Tunisia and in the Colonies of state employees, demobilized soldiers, correspondents of the Foreign Press and of French or foreign individuals.

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