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Obligation du passeport pour l’entrée et la sortie du Maroc. La disposition particulière des « personnes honorablement connues » – Rabat, Vichy – 27/12/1940 ; 04, 12 et 22/01/1941




משרד החוץ הצרפתי

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FFM_6GMII-92_0067-0068, 0073, 0075-0076, 0078



December 27, 1940 – Letter from General Noguès, Resident General in Rabat, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Vichy, in which he asks to keep the passport obligation to go to the French zone of Morocco, which dates from the orders of the Resident General of January 8, 1915 and June 30, 1916, and which has made it possible since that time to carry out particularly effective border control. « It may seem quite inappropriate, especially in the current period when we note an influx of travelers of all nationalities and all classes to Morocco, to substitute for the passport a simple safe-conduct which may not present the same guarantees […] It is understood that the visa authorization, after consultation of this Residence, would not be required for people honorably known ».

January 04, 1941 – Telegram from the Chancellery in Vichy to the Resident General in Rabat, who asks him if he has « an objection to the French honorably known to the Prefects being able to go to Morocco without prior consultation of your Residence ».

January 12, 1941 – Letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Minister of the Interior informing him of General Noguès’s position and asking him to modify his circular of December 27 on this point.

January 22, 1941 – Telegram response from General Noguès to the Chancellery : « I have no objection to the prefects granting under their responsibility, without prior consultation, to French people who are honorably known, visas with a validity limited to one month to go to Morocco ».

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