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Télégramme au Résident Général à Rabat au sujet de l’affluence d’Israélites au Maroc – Vichy – 09/10/1940




משרד החוץ הצרפתי

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October 9, 1940 – Telegram « departing in clear » from the Africa-Levant Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs :

« You have repeatedly drawn my attention to the serious repercussions that, both politically and economically, the presence in Morocco of the Israelites who flocked at the time of the exodus risked having.

Inspired by the reasons which have led you to stress the danger of allowing the Jewish community to grow even further, the Department has made it a rule to rule against the granting of any visa to Israelites of French or foreign nationality, even when the interested parties claimed to want to reach the territory of the protectorate only in transit and, to this end, could avail themselves of an apparently regular visa from a third power.

I would attach a price to whether these new mistakes address your concerns.

It occurred to me that in a recent case you would have acquiesced in the admission to Morocco of one of our compatriots upon whose entry the Department had, in accordance with its policy, issued an unfavorable opinion ».


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