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Lettre du Ministre des Affaires étrangères au Ministre de la Guerre sur la sortie du Maroc des ex-militaires tchécoslovaques – Vichy – 26/09/1940




משרד החוץ הצרפתי

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September 26, 1940 – This letter responds to a request from the Ministry of War dated September 24, 1940 to authorize « many demobilized Czechoslovakians who are currently in the Protectorate to embark for Martinique or others. French colonies » : there is no objection in principle to authorizing them to do so, but « it would not be without inconvenience, mainly in the current circumstances, to let go […] too many demobilized Czechoslovakians […] ; if their presence in Morocco is not particularly desirable … at least they can be subject to closer surveillance there than elsewhere and is it preferable, at least for the moment, to keep them there ».

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