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Lettre du Général Noguès de Rabat au Ministre des Affaires étrangères à Vichy sur la situation des étrangers réfugiés au Maroc – 17/09/1940




משרד החוץ הצרפתי

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September 17, 1940 – General Noguès, Resident General of France in Morocco, asks the Minister to rule on the situation of foreign refugees in Morocco. They number around 1,500, from various social categories, including a majority of Israelites and many Spanish Republicans. They « were authorized to stay temporarily in the territory of the Protectorate, pending their exodus to the American continent or to Palestine ». Noguès specifies that two months after their arrival their number has not decreased and that they are for some without financial means. They either do not have the means to pay for their trip or are prevented from leaving because of « administrative arrangements affecting the movement and exit of foreigners ». Noguès adds that in order to « put an obstacle to any political activity on their part », he ordered « their assembly in imposed residences or in accommodation centers located far from the cities ». But « despite the precautions taken, the maintenance of a large contingent of foreigners whose state of mind is questionable, in a country where they find affinities of religion and race, does not seem [to him] desirable ».

Noguès asks the Minister « if their evacuation to France could be considered », if not to « indicate [to him] the arrangements which should be adopted » regarding these refugees.

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