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The major investigations of the « MATIN », series of articles on the Algerian uneasiness – February 23 to March 1, 1935





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February 23 to March 1, 1935 – The newspaper, in a series of articles « The Algerian political, social, economic uneasiness is serious » asks the question : « Are the various demonstrations which have bloodied our African departments anti-French demonstrations ? ». He affirms that « the French administration discussed in its authority had to cease its role of arbitration between the parties in presence » and that « the situation would be less serious if the general government were sufficiently armed against the disturbers ». He continues : « The Algerian uneasiness has increased the fanaticism of indigenous opponents who have grouped themselves around a leader : Doctor Ben Djelloul ». The latter makes « the presentation of his demands and affirms his attachment to France ».

Another question posed by the newspaper : « What is the goal of this man whom the Administration considers a dangerous agitator and whom his followers revere as the new Prophet ? ». Another aspect of the question is : « Is the Algerian malaise dominated by the claims of the indigenous elite who demand the granting of new exemptions ? » and : « Does he call into question the very system of current colonization ? ».

But also : « In Constantine, the massacres of Jews by Arabs have revived the hundred-year-old hatred which opposes the two races » by affirming that « the anti-Semitic movement is one of the factors of the Algerian uneasiness ».

The series of articles concludes : « Despite the tragic events in Setif, we must not doubt the loyalty of the indigenous troops of Algeria ».

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