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Rapport sur l’état d’esprit des Israélites, Nemours, 7 novembre 1940




אוראן, אלג'יר, תלמסאן


Cremieux decree abolition, Indigènes-Colons, statut des juifs



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This report gives an account of the observations and surveys carried out by the Police Commissioner of Nemours, in particular in European circles following the abolition of the Crémieux decree and the promulgation of the statute of the Israelites. According to this report, the Israelites hold “very sharp and hateful criticisms or remarks against the Government”. Certain non-Israelite European circles that one would have thought were in favor of the establishment of a new order, show a refractory and even hostile attitude. Among these elements are civil servants and even elected officials. On the other hand, the Muslim population seems to follow the government in the work it has undertaken. The recent contacts between the Head of State and the Chancellor of the Reich have provided circles opposed to the Government a new opportunity to be the spokespersons of Radio-Columbia and the peddlers of propaganda.

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