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Rapport du préfet au sujet de la réunion des partis nationaux convoqués par M. Morinaud, 6 juillet 1938




אלג'יר, קונסטנטין


Attali, Emile Morinaud, Paulette, René Bouffet


antisémitisme, boycottage


Le Républicain (עיתון), Les Amitiés Françaises



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This report describes the meeting of national parties convened by Mr. Morinaud. He thanks “French voters for their loyalty to their old mayor and deputy” and deplores the massive vote of the Jewish mass “solely responsible for the failure of nationals”. He decided to form an anti-Semitic committee called “Les Amitiés Françaises” in charge of organizing the defense against the Israelites in Constantine. Several measures have been taken, notably, the one which prohibits the French from employing Jews as clerks or servants. “They will boycott the stores […]”, “Mr. Dessens undertakes to give credit to French officials and workers to decide them not to buy anything from the Jews”, Mr. Attali will no longer print the newspaper “The Republican”, he will be replaced by Mr. Paulette. The perfect notes that “a minority of Israelites, far from having the modest victory […], exasperated by their attitude and their sarcasm […] attracts on the whole population of this confession a sustained animosity in a latent state by certain newspapers […] The perfect indicates that anti-Semitism is making progress in the minds of the inhabitants of Constantine.

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