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Rapport numéro 133 concernant les territoires de Touggourt, Ghardaia, d’Ain-Sefra, 29 juin 1940




איטליה, אירופה, אלג'יריה, גרמניה, צפון אפריקה


Armistice, Indigenous, mosquée



Case number:



This report mentions several informations :

1. In the Touggourt territory, the calm prevails. The indigenous population remains loyal and attached to France. The movement of foreigners is monitored. Religious demonstrations in favor of the French Arms took place in several mosques.

2. In Ghardaia’s annex, the defeat caused dismay and grief. Some are ready to fight to not become Italians or Germans.

3. In the territory of Ain-Sefra, the literate and advanced population has a feeling close to affliction. Many natives would like to enlist to fight Germany and Italy. The population, in particular in the oasis, is interested with the questions of food supplies and the increase in the cost of living.

4. In these three territories the departure of reservists is carried out in excellent conditions. There is also hatred for Italy and the desire to fight it.

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