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Rapport hebdomadaire sur la situation politique et économique de la commune mixte d’Akbou, le 23 juillet 1940






antisémitisme, Commune mixte, Indigènes-Colons



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This report is about the return of many indigenous workers expelled from the metropole. Most of them were sent without being paid. They have an unfavorable impression against the invader and have a bad memory of the sight of refugees on the roads of France, among which they often made a large part of the journey. One of them praises the Germans “who are extremely kind to the North African natives, some of whom have been appointed as police officers”. The report also notes the “native hatred of North African Muslims for the Jews which seems to be particularly flattered by the Germans in the occupied regions”. When penning a number of North African Israelites, a North African Muslim for fear of being parked too, pointed out to the Germans that he was indeed Algerian but not Israelite. After checking his papers, he was released with “strong apologies”. The economic situation is good.

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