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מכתב מנשיא אגודת ההורים של תלמידי בתי הספר התיכון אל המושל של קונסטנטין






Nationalism, אנטישמיות, קטטה (Rixe)



Case number:



Handwritten letter from the president of the parents’ association of high school students from Constantine to the prefect following a fight that took place at the end of classes at a high school.

The month of June 1936 saw an upsurge of inter-community violence in the city of Constantine.

Several reports of the commissioner and letters of religious community personalities reached the prefecture to denounce them.

Text of the letter:

Monsieur le Préfet,
The unfortunate incidents which occurred yesterday morning when the pupils left the school, and of which the Headmaster told us, of course, deeply moved many parents.
It is intolerable that our children going to school, on their return, be stoned by young fanatics.
My capacity as president of the parents’ association makes it my duty to draw your attention to the need to invite the Israelite personalities to use their undeniable influence on their co-religionists to prevent the repetition of such exploits.
In fact, the irritation, which is very justified, of the parents makes it possible to fear a violent reaction in case of serious injury.
I have the honor to be, Monsieur le Préfet, your respectful servant.

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